Jababeka Golf & Country Club Successfully Launches Indonesia Open X-Sport Championship

14 November 2021

Jakarta - Indonesia Open X-Sport Championship (IOXC) is an international extreme sports championship event held annually by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia and is currently known as the largest championship event in Southeast Asia and Asia.

The Indonesia Open X-Sport Championship (IOXC) is known as an extreme sport (action sport) which has a popular term for a sport that has a high level of danger.

Extreme sports have been seen as more than just alternative sports, in fact many have taken it seriously and in the end this sport deserves to appear on the professional stage.

The implementation of this event was preceded by the 12th IOXC Launching at Jababeka Golf and Country Club, Bekasi Regency on Sunday, 13 June 2021.

Jababeka hosted the launching of IOXC on the basis of environmental conditions which are lower in pollution levels than Jakarta.

Jababeka also presents various facilities, one of which is an area titled healthy lifestyle which is presented at Sport City Jababeka, with a special land prepared for outdoor sports facilities covering an area of ​​1 ha and one of them is planned to build the largest X-Sport arena in Asia for Olympic standards.

Various sports facilities can be used by residents, ranging from jogging tracks, skate parks, futsal courts, basketball courts, archery areas, volleyball courts, to children's playgrounds.

Jababeka is the first area in the eastern corridor to present a world-class golf course which is a favorite destination for expatriates and executives.

The launch of IOXC began with a driving range with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and was marked by the beating of smoke balls by the Deputy for Sport Cultivation, Dr. R. Isnanta.

The launching was attended by Expert Staff of the Minister of Youth and Sports for Youth and Sports Innovation, Deputy for Youth Cultivation and his staff, Managing Director of Jababeka Hospitality, Representatives of the Regent of Magelang, namely the Head of Youth and Sports Tourism, Representatives of the Head of Korminas, Head of General Affairs and Public Relations of the BKKBN, and various sports communities. Indonesian extreme.

Jababeka Golf & Country Club is a sports tourism destination that has received Indonesia Care or CHSE certificates, guidelines for implementing health, hygiene, security and environmental protocols and applying them to every event, including the launching of IOXC as part of efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will hold the 12th Indonesia Open X-Sports Championship (IOXC) at the Borobudur Temple Arena on 22-24 October 2021.

The IOXC participants are attended by more than 300 domestic and foreign participants, as a few years ago there were world pro players from Europe, America, and Asia, followed by France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. , China Taipei and Indonesia.


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