Covid-19 Continues to Increase, Menpora Cup Golf Tournament Postponed

24 November 2021

The Menpora Cup Golf Tournament, which was planned to be held on July 4, 2021 at Sentul Highland, had to be postponed. This is inseparable from the continued increase in the number of Covid-19 spreads in Indonesia in the past week. The postponement of the Menpora Cup Golf Tournament itself was a direct direction from the Steering Committee of the tournament who was also the General Chair of Ceria Golf Club Indonesia and the Head of Alumni Association of Pancasila University Golf Club, Don Papank.

"As children of the nation, we have an obligation to ask all golf community leaders in the country to apply emergency brakes for all golf tournament activities in the near future. It is more important to maintain the safety of golf tournament participants," said Don Papank.

"I understand there may be some who are disappointed, but the safety of the nation and participants is more important than just the tournament, and actually the field, participants and sponsors are obliged to be willing and able to accept this force majeure," he added.

Ceria Golf Club led by Papank is currently the largest golf community in the country with 3,900 members and spread across 15 provinces. Because of this, the community feels they have an obligation to postpone all golf tournaments in the next two months throughout the country.

"Come on, friends, let's stop all the golf tournament activities," he said.

"This Golumnis Tournament is not cancelled, but only postponed, wait until it ramps up first," he added.

This directive was finally supported by all committees and it was decided that the Golumnis Golf Tournament, which was planned to be followed by more than 10 private universities in Indonesia, was postponed. This Golumnis step should be appreciated and followed by other communities throughout Indonesia, in order to suppress the spread of COVID-19.


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