Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb. Warmest Greetings,

Praise and gratitude we pray to the presence of Allah SWT for the abundance of His grace and gifts, so Perhimpunan Pegolf Senior Indonesia (Senior Golfers’ Society of Indonesia) managed to build a website. In this global era and the rapid pace of Information Technology, it is undeniable that the existence of a website for an organization, including PERPESI / S.G.S.I. very important. 

The presence of Website PERPESI / S.G.S.I. is expected to facilitate the delivery of information openly to all PERPESI member golfers throughout Indonesia, as well as ASEAN countries where PERPESI is also a member of CASGA (Confederation of Asean Senior Golfers’ Associations). In order for the Website to grow and be useful for all stakeholders, it is hoped that contributions from all Branch Managers and PERPESI Members to actively provide input and content in accordance with the organization's mission so that in the future this website will not only become a cost center but also a profit center for PERPESI.

Therefore, we sincerely hope, through this website, PERPESI / S.G.S.I. will continue to grow, so that they can contribute to PERPESI members in accessing all information related to golf activities.

Thank you.

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.



Masrizal A Syarief

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